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ADVANTAGES VS SURGERY: No cutting of skin No stitches required Very low risk procedure (NO risk of blindness as there is with surgery) Minimal side effects and far less downtime Quick & easy procedure No thinning of the skin Significant cost saving INDICATIONS: Blepharoplasty Lifting of face and neck Lifting of excess skin of arms and abdomen Stretch Marks Treatment of acne Post-acne scars Scars - Discoloration of the skin (age spots, solar lentigo) Warts Xanthelasmas PROCEDURE: Client Consultation Form To reduce discomfort and any pain associated with the treatment a topical anesthetic should be applied to the skin(purchased by the patient)before treatment. The area should be cleaned with a non-alcohol cleanser. The area must be dry before treatment with no oils on skin Mark the areas to be treated with a skin marking pen Perform the treatment with the PLASMA WAVE

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